Who are Luna

Who are Luna?

Michael Aubin - Founder/Artistic Director

Luna Theatre was first concieved as an idea in 2013 by actor and director Michael Aubin, who had always wanted to establish his own theatre company and produce work which was exciting, dymanic and vibrant.

So in 2016 Luna Theatre was offically formed under the guidance of its Artistic Director Michael       

Michael trained at the prestigious Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. After graduating in 2009 he went on to perform in many productions across the U.K. proudly working with companies including Taking Flight Theatre Company, National Theatre of Wales, Frantic Assembly, BBC Radio Wales, The Torch Theatre, Grand Slam Theatre Company, Joon Dance, Suprise Performance Montreal and Gradco Theatre to name but a few.

Michael is also experienced as a director, fight co-ordinator, choreographer, teacher and writer.

Why Luna?

"Luna - A word derived from latin meaning moon. Also the ancient Roman goddess personifying the moon, sometimes identified with Diana."

Luna Theatre was a name that I stumbled on. Originally the provisional name for the new company was 3AM theatre as I would regularly find myself concieving ideas and writing scripts at early hours of the morning. However this name was promptly vetoed and replaced by Luna when on one of these creative sessions I peered through the window and saw the moon lighting up the sky.

I also happen to have a cat named Luna. 

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